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You’re Invited! Holiday Parties Are Back!

If we’ve learned anything in the past 18 months, it’s that life goes on, even in new and unexpected ways. We also need connection and fun in our reconfigured workplaces more than ever. Holiday time is almost here, so let’s plan to make it great. With people working hybrid, from the office, or from home, […]

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Onboarding Can Make the Difference

These days the onboarding process has become more complex. With some new hires working virtual full-time, some hybrid, and some in the office full-time, developing a solid workplace culture is a challenge. The complexity is compounded by the disruption we experienced over the past eighteen months. Onboarding is an opportunity for you to reinforce the […]

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Customer Service Redux

I keep talking about customer service problems because I experience them myself and hear about them all the time. My company, Strategic Communications, trains customer service agents for other companies, so I get countless calls from frustrated friends and family asking me what to do.   The Customer Service Problem  I tell them we are hired to help employees understand their role in […]

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The Value of Customer Service

Work From Home (WFH) seems to be coming to an end for many. Finally. Being taken from our office environment and told to do our jobs from our living space was not easy. From access to snacks that added weight, to less activity that added weight, to making space that was comfortable and private for […]

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Ending Divisiveness

My company, Strategic Communications Group, specializes in message management. What’s the most important component of that? Getting people who are not aligned understanding the importance of building a common ground. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it feels impossible. It’s not too different from politics. Everyone supports the First Amendment. You may not agree with me or […]

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Velocity Mindset for Leaders

At work, we all must commit to leadership, whether we’re leading a business, a team, or an initiative. I recently previewed a book by Ron Karr, a high-level speaker and market leader on Strategic’s board. This book delivers an empowering message for leaders and managers alike. The Velocity Mindset® by Ron Karr is a game-changing guide to help […]

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get instant customer feedback to drive your NPS? Now you can with Strategic’s Loyalty Triangle App. It not only rewards customers and employees, but also gives managers a head’s up if there’s a problem. The Strategic Difference We take our Loyalty Triangle App and custom-build it for your […]

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Building Teams Remotely

We have logged nearly a year of remote work and virtual meetings with no sure end in sight. Many of us feel Zoomed out and like we are missing connections more than ever. What if you could make Zoom better with an interactive virtual gameshow to reconnect colleagues and help build teams? Add Some Fun […]

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Strategic Manager’s Corner with Thanks

This time the Manager’s Corner is a personal note. I have been so engrossed in news of the pandemic and the election that I didn’t take the time to publicly thank Jordan Edwards for having me on his podcast #ClockedIn. This podcast episode is about 9/11 and the book I am about to publish about […]

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Building a Culture of Motivation

Research shows that for many employees, rewards & recognition is a more powerful motivator than money. Even better, a good program costs less than pay increases. Let Strategic develop a rewards & recognition program for you that: Reinforces your culture Improves customer service Recognizes your top performers and makes them “Brand Ambassadors” Meet with us […]

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