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Offboarding Is As Important as Onboarding!

Why Offboarding Matters

In today’s labor market, employees are changing jobs to take advantage of opportunities and enticing salary offers. To try to stem the tide in your company, offboarding, i.e., exit interviewing, is becoming more critical. Even though the person is leaving, learning the reason will help you improve your culture and keep it from happening again.

More Than Computer Recovery

Companies often don’t spend enough time offboarding. They take an employee’s ID, revoke access to information, say goodbye, and call it a day. However, one of the most important aspects is knowing why they are making the change. What’s your process to understand their reason for leaving? Every employee who leaves costs the company time and money in finding and training someone new. Their experience goes with them. It may not be easy to replace.

Don’t Remain in the Dark

That’s why you need an exit interview where you can discover important from employees who are leaving. Currently there are five million verified users of Blind, a virtual community where verified professionals connect to discuss what matters to them. This anonymous network discusses their employers and the company’s work environment. Your current employees and former employees may be online talking about your company right now. You would like the information they share to be balanced and accurate. How you treat them as they leave is important. These people may not have the kindest things to say about you and may spoil it for those who currently work for you.

Here are some critical questions to ask during the exit interview:

  • Do you feel that your manager provided everything necessary to help you succeed?
  • What did you like best and least about your job?
  • What led you to search for a new job opportunity?
  • Do you have any suggestions for how our company might improve?
  • Would you recommend working here to a friend?

Never miss the opportunity to collect valuable information. People may not always be entirely honest. They may prefer to leave difficult things unsaid. Over time, though, you may get a clear picture of things that need to change.

Strategic specializes in communications and messaging. You don’t always want to hear the unwelcome news, but it can save you from future problems. We can help you structure not only onboarding, but also the more difficult offboarding. Please contact us at We will work with you to create a company where everyone wants to stay.


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