Managing the Message

Facing Challenges Head On

What are a company's two greatest challenges? Retaining top-performing employees and increasing customer loyalty. Why do some companies succeed brilliantly at this and others fail? The answer lies in message management. Effective message management addresses these challenges and delivers two major outcomes: employees who excel at customer service and customers who are loyal to their brand.

That is Strategic's specialty. Our experienced project managers focus on understanding your need, developing a solution, and delivering it against your schedule and budget. That's why clients turn to us. They know we'll meet their expectations for flawlessly executed projects.

Managing the Message

Companies often spend millions on marketing without bringing employees on board first, but that can be a crucial error. If you engage every employee from the beginning, they become part of the solution and help you deliver results. When employees understand your message, they become empowered to deliver outstanding customer service with current and potential customers. This leads to customers who are satisfied on their first call, not angry about having to make two or more. That's important in increasing your NetPromoter Score (NPS).

Our Strategy Process shows how we help companies succeed.

The Right Strategy Makes the Difference


You must build a clear understanding among employees and consumers every time you develop a marketing campaign.



Employees and consumers must believe that your products will benefit their lives and that you are interested in building a better society.



Whenever there is a break in the Understanding + Belief chain, employees won't deliver excellent customer service and consumers will not be loyal.

Delivering the Message

Design the Strategy

  • Business goals
  • Measurement of current state and determination of desired state

Plan the Message

  • Creating messaging plans by audience
  • Developing employee engagement or consumer activities as appropriate

Plan Implementation

  • Developing a plan for all activities
  • Creating a manager and employee handbook to support messaging
  • Designing materials for events

Message Reinforcement

  • Branded giveaways
  • Interactive online or print media management


  • Organizing materials for delivery to each location

Project Review

  • Budget and progress review meetings
  • Ongoing measurement and revision of elements as needed

Award Winning Work

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Abu Dhabi Investment House
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Employee Engagement

Motivating employees.
Companies spend significant time and money developing a consumer business strategy, but for those strategies to succeed, employees must first understand and believe in them. Why is it so important? Because their belief (or lack of it) is conveyed in every customer interaction. Strategic's array of employee engagement programs changes behavior, improves morale, and increases productivity. The winning result: An increase in sales and your Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Creating a location-based brand platform that gets noticed.
It's important that employees believe they work for a unified company. We cost-effectively rebrand your locations, so each work site reflects your image and your products. Our comprehensive approach strengthens your company's impact and reputation among employees. The end result: Employees who believe in your business and spread the word among the public.
Delivering compelling events.
Whether it's a global roadshow or internal meeting, Strategic facilitates events of every size. From strategy and meeting planning to technology-based interactive activities, guidance on senior speeches, printed communications, messaged entertainment, décor, and giveaways, we ensure your events are engaging and memorable and achieve your goal.
Rewarding the best; driving the "magic middle."
It's been proven that compensation is more beneficial when spent on rewards and recognition than on incentive pay. Employees brag about rewards and recognition. Give them cash, and they'll rarely tell anyone. If you reward and recognize your best performers, not only will it result in increased productivity, you'll get an added benefit: Employees who are Brand Ambassadors.

Marketing Services

Creating strategies aligned with your business objectives.
With a sharp focus on what you need to accomplish in today's competitive marketplace, we analyze industry best practices, evaluate your current approaches, and develop creative programs that help you expand awareness, change perceptions, engage with customers, and achieve long-term sales improvement.
Aligning brand attributes and values with your customers' needs.
Strategic develops effective marketing programs that increase sales and deliver results. Our team conceives, designs, and delivers consistent, measurable communications that meet your goals. It's not easy to convince consumers that you're better than the competition. Our approach, based on our message management techniques, helps accomplish this difficult task. One customer wanted us to increase their reach by 800 customers in one weekend. Our program achieved their goal.
Creating a refreshing brand platform that gets noticed.
Strategic designs and produces effective branding platforms. From logos and brand guidelines to ads, signage, flyers, brochures, and giveaways, we develop a comprehensive brand approach that strengthens your company's impact and reputation.
Designing compelling audience-focused events.
From global roadshows to small local events, Strategic facilitates experiences of all sizes. We provide everything from strategy and meeting plans to technology-based interactive activities, printed materials, décor, and handouts that make your events engaging and memorable. Each event is designed to intrigue consumers, increase sales, and build your NPS.

Branded Items Build Up Enthusiasm For Your Business

From simple things such as lanyards and badge holders to umbrellas and charging pads, the right giveaway can have a dramatic impact on your company or event. Strategic specializes in finding that perfect giveaway that’s just right for your business. We have a huge catalog of products from which you can select. Whether you’re shopping for employees, volunteers or customers, we’ve got what you need.

Our Team

Senior Team

Strategic was created in 1995. Our senior team has a strong background in helping develop solutions for every challenge. Our can-do attitude is what we are known for and it is part of every project we manage.

Strategic Advisory Team

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