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The Win-Win of Onboarding

Before the pandemic, only 12 percent of employees strongly agreed that their organization did a great job of onboarding new employees (according to Gallup). Then, with the pandemic, remote work from home (WFH) came along and turned everything upside down. With the increasing staff turnover that has occurred in the past few years and organizations introducing hybrid work schedules to improve retention, onboarding has never been more crucial.

Why Onboarding Matters

On the most basic level, onboarding connects new employees with the tools they need to begin working for a company. It includes getting them their ID badge, technology, and passwords that send them on their way. Onboarding also conveys the processes, procedures, and information new employees need to function in the organization. But an onboarding process that stops there is missing the mark.

Effective onboarding must connect new hires to a company’s culture and their coworkers. Made even more difficult by hybrid and WFH, those connections make the difference. According to the Brandon Hall Group, organizations that have a strong onboarding program improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. When new hires join an organization without that effort to both assimilate and socialize them, they are more likely to leave within the first year.

When onboarding works well, the new hire learning curve decreases and productivity increases. Effective onboarding isn’t only important for the individual, it also impacts that person’s coworkers and the organization as a whole. By working together, a company can build its culture and products. Introducing this in onboarding will lead a business to success.

Let’s All Work Together

Take advantage of Strategic’s expertise in message management and running roadshows—either live or virtual. Let us help you welcome and onboard your new hires to get everyone synchronizing skills and creating growth.

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