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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get instant customer feedback to drive your NPS? Now you can with Strategic’s Loyalty Triangle App. It not only rewards customers and employees, but also gives managers a head’s up if there’s a problem. The Strategic Difference We take our Loyalty Triangle App and custom-build it for your […]

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Building Teams Remotely

We have logged nearly a year of remote work and virtual meetings with no sure end in sight. Many of us feel Zoomed out and like we are missing connections more than ever. What if you could make Zoom better with an interactive virtual gameshow to reconnect colleagues and help build teams? Add Some Fun […]

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Strategic Manager’s Corner with Thanks

This time the Manager’s Corner is a personal note. I have been so engrossed in news of the pandemic and the election that I didn’t take the time to publicly thank Jordan Edwards for having me on his podcast #ClockedIn. This podcast episode is about 9/11 and the book I am about to publish about […]

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Building a Culture of Motivation

Research shows that for many employees, rewards & recognition is a more powerful motivator than money. Even better, a good program costs less than pay increases. Let Strategic develop a rewards & recognition program for you that: Reinforces your culture Improves customer service Recognizes your top performers and makes them “Brand Ambassadors” Meet with us […]

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Let Us Build an App for That!

Strategic develops apps for our clients. They are a powerful tool to deliver messages to your audience, whether it’s employees or customers. Strategic works with you to understand your needs, and then we develop a custom app to deliver against those needs. We don’t use out-of-the-box solutions. You know your employees and customers best. You […]

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Building Community and Increasing Employee Engagement during COVID-19

As we enter the fourth month of managing the impact of the pandemic, some companies are transitioning back to working in the office, but many more are continuing to have their employees work from home. As this continues, it is imperative to nurture a sense of community among employees to build engagement, retention, and customer […]

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Growing Your Business During COVID-19 and Beyond

Brand loyalty is what every business is looking for. That is often measured with Net Promoter Score (NPS). Not everyone knows what that is or how it works, but in today’s WFH pandemic days, it has become more important than ever. The best way to grow NPS is a strategy that makes your customers and […]

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Combatting Disengagement Is Harder Now Remember when you woke up and wished you could just work from home (WFH) that day? Now with WFH a government mandate for most of us, itʼs losing its enchantment. Even those whose jobs were always home-based are no longer enjoying the reasons that made them select WFH. Despite the […]

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Making Work from Home Succeed

The number of people who work from home continues to grow. If you exclude the self-employed, the number of work-from-home employees has grown by 115 percent since 2005, and in 2017 nearly 3 percent of the American workforce worked from home at least part time ( Gallup reports the following: 54 percent of workers say […]

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A Can-Do Attitude Delivers

Anyone who achieves success—from athletes to inventors to business owners—can tell you that attitude makes the difference. Talent, education, experience, connections, and sheer luck only take you so far. It’s a can-do attitude that drives people to put in the work that success demands. At Strategic, when a client asks whether we can solve their […]

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