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When a client approaches us about an event, we always take a step back to look at the big picture. Our first question is “What is your goal?” We next work with you to determine the gaps. Using this information, we help design an event to achieve your objectives.

At the same time, we keep in mind every company’s greatest challenges: Retaining top-performing employees and increasing customer loyalty. We design events to address those challenges as well as achieving your goal by closing your gaps. This is what makes our events so effective. It’s the Strategic Difference.

Events That Excel at Delivering Your Message

Designing the Strategy

  • Design events to manage a company’s greatest challenges: Retain top-performing employees and increase customer loyalty

Plan the Message

  • Create messaging plans by audience
  • Don’t forget a plan for employees, even if the project is for customers

Design the Tatics

  • Develop tactics that work for the project
  • One client wanted an event showing they were a market leader in credit cards. We designed an event with interactive games, specialized Applications, entertainers and giveaways. It was a huge success and exceeded its goal.
  • Another client wanted to highlight their new product. A technology-based program was built for employees and customers. It drove up NPS and brought in multiple new accounts.


  • Create a manager and employee handbook to support messaging
  • Design materials for event
  • Develop budget and progress review meeting schedule

Event Management

  • Pre-event support and training
  • Develop plan for managing events—coordinate Strategic and company staff
  • Set up and break down event on schedule
  • Review results and give managers an overview of success

Managing the Message

Your brand message is critical, and we manage events to promote your message to employees and customers. When employees understand your message, they become empowered to deliver outstanding customer service. This leads to customers who are satisfied on their first call. That’s important in increasing your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Experience the Strategic Difference

We handle it all—strategy and planning, interactive activities, websites, specialized programs, printed materials, décor, and handouts as well as negotiating with vendors—whatever you need. We handle the event so you can focus on your business.

Contact us at or 212.802.0800 and see how we can help turn your next event into a success that impacts business goals.


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