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Rewarding & Recognizing Employees Drives Change

In today’s challenging times, employees who go the extra mile can make a tremendous difference in your business. Outstanding employees increase operating efficiency and profitability. How do you accomplish this? It all starts with employee satisfaction.

Fostering Cultural Change
A successful reward & recognition program can make a positive change in your company. An employee of one client, pointed out the importance of recognition. She won an expensive prize for her performance. Instead of the expected gratitude, she said she would have preferred a recognition celebration, so everyone in the company knew how well she was doing.

It was a learning experience for all of us; and it supported the many studies that have been performed over the years showing the importance of recognition. When employees believe in your business and feel appreciated and recognized, only then do they go “beyond the call”.
Thanking staff at every level is critical. Strategic designs programs that reinforce performance standards to improve selling and servicing of clients. The result: Engaged employees delivering excellent customer service, happy, loyal customers, and an increase in your Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s a win-win!

Our Process

Design the Strategy

• Review business goals
• Measure current state and determine desired state

Plan the Message

• Create messaging plans by audience
• Develop appropriate employee engagement activities

Plan Implementation

• Develop a plan for different forms of rewards & recognition
• Create a handbook for managers to help them drive success
• Create tools for employees so they understand “WIIFM” (What’s in It for Me)
• Design a communications program
• Budget and progress review meetings

Message Reinforcement

• Branded giveaways
• Interactive online or print media management

Program Management

• Create rewards & recognition for each performance level—daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual
• Organize materials for delivery to each location
• Develop newsletters and other communications vehicles to celebrate success

Our Approach Sets Us Apart
Strategic’s comprehensive, focused project management approach combined with in-house editorial, creative, and database teams allows us to handle every project with ease and professionalism. Even better, our projects are overseen by owners and a senior team that has in-depth experience working with and for Fortune 500 clients. This saves our clients both time and money. We take care of the project details so you can focus on building your business.

Experience the Strategic Difference

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