Manager's Corner
Employees make change succeed.

Employees Make Change Succeed

Making a transition work in your business takes effort. To make any change succeed you need employees to understand both the reason for the change and their role in making it happen. Without this, you’re like Sisyphus, who tried but never reached the top of the hill with his boulder. 

The Management Connection

Change should be communicated so employees understand the transition from the way the company is currently doing business. It should be discussed with managers, so they become part of the solution. 

Unfortunately, we’ve heard managers who have not bought into a change from the beginning say things like, “I’ve been told to tell you this. It’s the latest news from seniors to act on. Just another thing to do [sigh].”

But when managers are brought on board first, they are more likely to convey the message with enthusiasm: “We’re changing our business to become more aligned with our customers. We’re counting on you to help make it happen. This way we will all make more money.” 

From Communication to Understanding

Communication helps drive successful change. There isn’t a “one size fits all” way of learning. That’s why Strategic uses a variety of methods to make sure your message is understood. 

Real understanding is more than a simple head nod. When employees implement your idea with proactive, empowered action, only then has communication worked. Your goal will be achieved: Satisfied customers who keep returning.


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