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Building Teams Remotely

We have logged nearly a year of remote work and virtual meetings with no sure end in sight. Many of us feel Zoomed out and like we are missing connections more than ever. What if you could make Zoom better with an interactive virtual gameshow to reconnect colleagues and help build teams?

Add Some Fun to Working Virtually

Strategic has fun options for big and small groups alike to restore that sense of collegiality and team collaboration. Working from home offices, or makeshift at the kitchen table, while juggling home-based responsibilities has made teamwork challenging. Let us bring team spirit back to your workers. Strategic will handle creating a special Zoom show for everyone to play, learn, and reconnect.

  • Game On. This is a trivia game that can be customized to help foster teamwork. Large groups can participate and enjoy “seeing” each other again. Two entertainers run the game, and participants use their cell phones to play and record their answers. The top three scorers win prizes.
  • Scavenger Hunt. Yes—this all happens via Zoom and it’s a fun team-building option. Teams work together against a time limit to increase the challenge.
  • Other Game Options. There’s a virtual version of a game like Minute to Win It, which gives people 60 seconds to complete a task. Or there’s one similar to Name That Tune with famous movie quotes in which participants name the movie the quote comes from. Games can be developed for your company, with everyone joining in the fun as they work together to win.

Using Technology to Stay Current

We must continue to adapt to remote work and manage staff turnover. More than ever, team building is critical for a business to succeed. Fortunately, technology is giving us the opportunity to make it work. Just as it has helped companies meet their customers’ needs, we can use it to build teamwork and improve the work-from-home experience.

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