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Combatting Disengagement Is Harder Now

Remember when you woke up and wished you could just work from home (WFH) that day? Now with WFH a government mandate for most of us, itʼs losing its enchantment. Even those whose jobs were always home-based are no longer enjoying the reasons that made them select WFH.

Despite the current calamity, many businesses continue, and for those companies, building their NPS is more important than ever. What can management do to ensure employees still deliver outstanding customer service?

Technology Can Save the Day

We’re lucky that today technology can help bridge the engagement gap. It may not be the same as the impromptu conversation with coworkers that people enjoyed, but it’s a way to share experiences.

This is the perfect time to implement an online Interactive Learning Roadshow. Not only will it reinforce learning, but it will also help your employees feel less isolated and give them a forum to interact. Learning while having fun can also break up the dayʼs tedium.

Planning an online roadshow requires the same attention to detail as a live roadshow. It includes:

  • Designing events with a series of games that engage participants
  • Careful planning of the messages you want delivered
  • Learning competitions with the immediate announcement of winners
  • Several tune-in times so everyone can participate
  • A pre-event giveaway that reinforces your brand message and builds excitement
  • A professional emcee to host the program and get employees pumped up for participating
  • Professional décor background and music
  • Prizes for winning participants

Managing Your Interactive Online Roadshow

The Roadshow should include a set number of games with prizes for each contest. Each game show can have a Final Showdown. You can plan a Grand Finale that winners from all Roadshows compete in. For more excitement, break up people into competing teams that interact electronically to select the right answer.

The Companyʼs Prize!

A Roadshow introduces some fun into WFH. But best of all, the show reinforces brand messaging and helps your employees understand what they must do to deliver a more customer-driven experience. Itʼs a win-win for everyone.

If you want employees and customers to sing your praises, turn to Strategic. Weʼll create a Roadshow that makes your company shine.


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