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Brand Loyalty Triangle

Building Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is what every business wants. At Strategic we’ve developed an innovative rewards & recognition program to help you deliver it. It’s called Loyalty Triangle, and its unique design, which allows both customers and employees to receive rewards for a transaction, makes it especially effective. 

Customers who provide feedback are rewarded. Employees who receive positive feedback are also rewarded. When customers know they will be rewarded for giving feedback, they are more likely to participate. When employees know the customer can give them feedback for an interaction, they become more motivated to provide outstanding customer service. 

How It Works

Loyalty Triangle can be adapted for you whether your employees interact with customers in a store, by phone, or online. It can work with your existing customer survey or rewards program or be set up as a stand-alone program. 

The customer completes a short survey on their customer experience and when they respond, they instantly receive loyalty rewards. If the feedback is positive, the employee also is rewarded. If the customer feedback is negative, the employee is flagged for retraining and the customer receives an apology note with a specific statement outlining how the situation will be remediated. 

Strategic Support

Strategic runs Loyalty Triangle with a dedicated team of Strategic professionals that work as a team with your managers. Our process makes sure your brand value is reinforced. 

  • We begin by determining the baseline and end measurement.
  • We work collaboratively to make recommendations for rewards & recognition for your customers and employees. 
  • We design a program name and distinctive logo that meet your branding standards and give your program immediate attention.
  • We believe it’s important to make employees part of the solution, so we work to bring them on first. We develop launch communications that engage and intrigue employees and their managers. We provide Program Guides and other tools to help managers run the program and help employees understand their roles. 
  • Next, we create communications for customers to get them excited about the benefit of providing feedback so you can deliver service that supports their needs. That builds loyalty for your company.
  • We support a continual measurement process to ensure the program is meeting its objectives.

Loyalty Triangle Benefits

The Loyalty Triangle supports your mission to provide great service to your customers. 

Great service = Happy customers

Happy customers = Loyal customers

Consistent communications help employees understand their role in increasing your Net Promotor Score (NPS) and how they will be rewarded when that happens. The feedback methodology built into Loyalty Triangle makes it easy for you to determine if employees are delivering excellent customer service, solving customer problems, and building your ROI.  

It’s time to do business on the cutting edge of change and build a loyal customer base. Contact us today to learn how we can customize a program that works for you.


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