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Empowerment, Leadership, and the Customer Experience

We all say we want empowered employees, but what do we mean by that—and how does empowerment affect our companies? Does empowerment mean allowing everyone to do what they think is best? Does it mean they should act within certain guidelines? Does it mean they should always act independently? The Power of Working Together How […]

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Roadshows USA: Event Management

When a client approaches us about an event, we always take a step back to look at the big picture. Our first question is “What is your goal?” We next work with you to determine the gaps. Using this information, we help design an event to achieve your objectives. At the same time, we keep […]

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Bring Back Civility

Managing Is Tough A common complaint we hear from employees at focus groups is “My manager never speaks with me.” At the same time, managers tell us, “It’s difficult to get employees to do their jobs.” As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story and the truth exists somewhere in between. There […]

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Employees Make Change Succeed

Making a transition work in your business takes effort. To make any change succeed you need employees to understand both the reason for the change and their role in making it happen. Without this, you’re like Sisyphus, who tried but never reached the top of the hill with his boulder.  The Management Connection Change should […]

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Rewarding & Recognizing Employees Drives Change

In today’s challenging times, employees who go the extra mile can make a tremendous difference in your business. Outstanding employees increase operating efficiency and profitability. How do you accomplish this? It all starts with employee satisfaction. Fostering Cultural Change A successful reward & recognition program can make a positive change in your company. An employee […]

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